Quadzilla STINGER 100

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If you’re looking for an amazing junior quad bike to introduce you to the world of epic adventurous quad biking, the Quadzilla Stinger 100 is the perfect companion for you. This offroad junior quad bike is a fully automatic 2 stroke, rev and go engine with reverse. The Stinger 100 can also be restricted to walking speed, is easy to start and has enclosed footwells for added safety. Known as the the big brother to the R100, it offers a wider and taller ATV structure to suit tall teens.

One of the many additional benefits of this stunning junior quad bike is that it can reduce its speed to walking speed to provide a learning ground to kids who’re new to the field of quad biking so they can learn and grow with time. This vehicle is tough, stable and reliable for a perfect introduction to riding quad bikes. No complicated controls make riding fun and easy, a brilliant way to build confidence on four wheels.

The Stinger 100 comes with a sleek and modern design along with a steel frame on the front of the rig. One of the best things about this beast of a machine is that it is incredibly easy to use. This is because of the electronic start button which can start the ignition process in a second’s time.

In the case of the features, Stinger 100 is truly a superb machine.The Stinger 100 features an amazing braking system to timely halt the bike and ensure complete safety.

The Stinger 100 is fully automatic, meaning that the Stinger 100 has neutral, forward, and a reverse gear which makes the riding experience completely beginner-friendly. The handling is swift and comfy and the bike is suitable for children of different ages – making the Stinger 100 one of the most versatile and amazing quad bikes on the market.

When it comes to the comfort-centred design, the seat is soft and cushy and the handling is smooth and effortless making the quad biking experience super cool without feeling any discomfort or unrest. The CVT automatic transmission adds another layer of smoothness and ease of use to the overall riding experience for you.

Quadzilla’s Stinger 100 is available in many different patterns, designs, and eye-catching colours. If you’re thinking of getting a superb, stylish, and hefty beast of a machine for your kids and teens or other family members. We promise that getting the Stinger 100 is going to be your prized quad bike for amazing riding experience for a long time.

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