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When it comes to the best Quad bikes for kids, Quadzilla’s Kids Quad Bikes range is better than any other. The R100 is another prized and loved classic quad bike by Quadzilla which features a powerful yet subtle 100cc 2 stroke engine for all kinds of epic biking adventures.

The bike is equipped with an electrical start button on the left handle ensuring easy and smooth ignition for riders. For people who prefer more of a conventional kickstart, there’s the kick start system available as well. R100 is one of the classics, which has been upgraded to fit all the modern quad biking needs of the people of today.


Main Features

Quadzilla’s R100 is a true beast as far as features are concerned. With an angular designed shape making it look sleek and stylish, the R100 also comes with a safety tether attached to the side making sure you stay safe and ride securely whether you’re on the road or off-roading. The R100 also comes with an emergency engine cut off button for when you want to stop the bike and ensure safety.

The bike is equipped with 100ccs 2 stroke engine which is tried and tested and has come out on top in many challenges. There is a restrictive throttle on the right handle making it easy for you to push forward and increase or decrease your speed as you like. The great thing about this throttle control is that in times of need, you can even reduce the speed to as low as 5mph.

Front and rear drum brakes

  • You can control your adventures depending upon your riding skills, ensuring complete safety and security along with awesome movement and smooth riding capabilities.

Super-smooth handling

  • Fit for riders of different ages – making the R100 one of the best choices in the market.

Chunky and powerful tires

  • This quad bike can be used on all kinds of roads. You can bike around the farm, over the mud, on the road, on tracks and anywhere you can think of!

Adjustable shock absorbers 

  • For a swift and incredible ride.

In terms of overall comfort, the seat is soft and cushy and you can ride for a long while without feeling any discomfort or unrest. The CVT transmission adds another layer of smoothness to the overall riding experience for you.

The R100 is available in a multitude of colours for a great price. So, if you’re looking to get a powerful, stylish yet simple quad bike for yourself or a family member or friend, we assure you that getting an R100 is going to be your best decision for a fun and exciting riding experience.

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