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Introducing the brand new junior ATV from Quadzilla, the 2019 QZR80. This junior quad packed with great features and modern design is offered exclusively by authorised Quadzilla dealers in the UK and Europe. And we’re more than happy to announce that you can now get yours here at ATV BIKES.

The new QZR80 from Quadzilla is guaranteed to be tough and durable since it is designed by a reputable company with 30 years of experience in the junior off-road market. It boasts an up-to-date styling and top of the range safety features and reliable engine performance. Therefore, it’s one of the best quads for your child’s introduction to the world of ATVs and off-road fun.

Quadzilla's QZR80 - Kids Quad Bike

Safety Features – Its safety features like safety cut off lanyard, enclosed footwells, and restrictable speed helps to keep your child protected from potential risks and injuries.
Sporty Styling – This quad is available in three colour variations with similar features but with unique and striking style.
Excellent Performance– QZR 80 can deliver outstanding performance and help your child gain confidence in exploring the ATV world.

The Quadzilla QZR80 is a compact, sporty and reliable junior ATV designed for durability and low maintenance. It’s equipped with an 80cc single-cylinder, two-stroke engine with an auto-lube feature, that keeps the engine lubricated as your child starts exploring the ATV world. It also has both electric and kick start, and CVT transmission, that can help your little rider jump on and head out quickly and without issue. It also features a rear disc brake that effectively slows down the quadzilla when needed.


The Quadzilla QZR80 is designed with safety features that will make the learning fun and safe for adult-supervised young riders. This junior ATV has a safety cut off lanyard, attached to both the child and the quad bike that effectively cuts the engine power and stops the machine. It also aids in preventing injury should your child fall from the quad. Its enclosed footwells keep your child’s feet protected, and the front and rear suspension deliver a smooth and comfortable ride despite the rough terrains.


Here’s a summary of the main features of QZR80 that make it an ideal beginner’s junior ATV.

This junior quad comes with a safety lanyard to protect your young rider from potential risks and injuries.

It offers two options in starting the engine; the traditional kickstart and the electric for a time-saving and effortless start.

This quad also allows you and your little rider to have full control over the speed and help build his skills.

The enclosed footwells ensure that your child’s feet are protected from falling objects and injuries.



This quad is available in three colours; thus, giving your child more options to choose from. They all boast a sporty design, but each has unique aesthetics that can turn heads and stun your kids.

Yellow – This eye-pleasing version of QZR80 has its body covered by yellow plastic, but the steering, footwells, seat and tyres are all in black, and its wheel rims are painted with grey.
Red – The red variation rocks with its black steering design, and black seat, footwells and tyres with red body cover and grey wheel rims.
Black – This version has its steering, engine cover, footwells and tyres all in black while its wheels flaunt a touch of silver, making the classic black more modern and sporty.
REMINDER: We strongly recommend guardians to supervise their kids when using this quad bike, especially when your child is still a beginner. Correct safety clothing is also essential, and it must be worn at all times. It includes a crash helmet, eye protection, gloves and durable clothing like racing suits that can cover all parts of the body.

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