The UFORCE 600 is more powerful, more agile and even more work ready than its predecessor. Take on the outdoors with confidence, and power through your workday quicker with lightweight handling, 4×4 capability and a gas-assisted cargo box.

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The UFORCE 600 is a powerful, more agile, easier for working, lightweight storage and handling, gas-assisted cargo box. With its 600 CFM of airflow and its powerful fan, the UFORCE 600 is perfect for packing things up. The cargo box also has an ergonomic design that makes it easy to work with. And with its lightweight storage and handling, the UFORCE 600 is the ideal tool for any job.

What is the UFORCE 600 EPS?

The UFORCE 600 is the most powerful version of the UFORCE series. It is designed for heavy-duty applications such as moving vehicles or construction equipment. This model is equipped with a 730 CFM motor which provides enough power to handle even the heaviest loads. The UFORCE 600 comes standard with a large capacity battery pack (24V) that can be charged on site using a standard 110V outlet.

CMOTO UFORCE 600 EPS . The UForce 700 is powerful, more efficient, easier for working, lighter weight, gass-assisted storage and handling cargo box. With its 600 CFM of airflow and powerful fan, the UForce 700 is perfect for packing things down. The cargo box also features an ergonomic design that make it easy to work with and a high-quality finish that will last for years.

Who is CFMOTO owned by?

CFMOTO hold a majority share of 51%  whilst the remaining of the share goes to KTM with 49%.

CFMOTO UForce 600 is the latest evolution of the UForce series. The UForce series was designed to meet the demands of today’s riders who want maximum protection without sacrificing style or comfort.

UForce 600 combines innovative technologies and design elements to offer superior protection from impact and damage. The UForce 600 also offers excellent ventilation and cooling, and provides outstanding comfort and fit.


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