Kids Quad Bikes

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Rubicon MX Husky

Introducing the Rubicon MX Husky 125.  This sporty styled 125cc semi-automatic 4-stroke junior quad is aimed at riders 11-17 year olds (supervised).

The Husky 125 comes fully loaded with electric start, front & rear lights, front & rear disc brakes, speed restrictor – to name a few!

Available in Red & Blue


Rubicon MX Lynx 70

Available in Black or White.

Rubicon MX Stormer 110

Available in Black or White.



Quadzilla Buzz 50

The Quadzilla Buzz 50 is equipped with loads of safety features at an excellent value price. It has 2-stroke 50cc engine as standard and is a great and safe way to help kids learn and improve their confidence on four wheels. Should you want complete control over the speed, it can also be restricted using the throttle. 

The Buzz 50 also has extra safety features including fully enclosed footwells to protect the rider and a wireless remote engine cutoff that allows you to cut the engine to avoid any potential accidents. With a price of £1099 RRP, it’s not the cheapest quad we have to offer but it’s excellent safety hacks makes the Quadzilla Buzz 50 an ideal starter quad.

Fox 70

Fox 70, is the smallest ATV for children (supervised) 6 years and above and is a great starter quad available here at ATV Bikes. This is a fantastically-built quadbike by Stomp Bikes, who have manufactured spectacular and reliable bikes here in the UK. The Fox 70 is carefully designed with safety, durability, performance, with the ultimate riding experience in mind. 


This fully automatic Kayo ATV has been designed with safety in mind and features an adjustable throttle restrictor with a safety cut-out lanyard and electric start. It also has one of the quietest exhaust systems, so you can enjoy every ride without the nuisance of loud noise. Furthermore, its electrics can endure regular power washing making it a very functional ATV. The Fox 70 offers excellent value for its price and is incomparable and outperforms any cheap quad bike. If you don’t know anything about bikes, but want an easy child-friendly purchase, this is the quad bike for you. 

fox white front

Quadzilla QZR 80

We are also proud to introduce our brand new junior ATV, 2019 QZR80 exclusive to Quadzilla dealers in the UK and Europe!


With 30 year’s experience in the junior off-road market, the QZR80 features up-to-date styling and top of the range safety features. Thus, we can guarantee excellent performance and ultimate fun for kids with this junior ATV.

Quadzilla R100

This quadzilla is the new and updated timeless classic R100 that features a simple yet high-performing 100cc engine proven and tested by Champions. 


The R100 is now equipped with a safety tether and fully restrictable throttle that allows you to reduce the speed right down to below 5MPH plus fully enclosed footwells. It offers exceptional value as a starter quad for an affordable.


Quadzilla STINGER 100

With its broader and taller design, Stinger 100 is like the R100’s big brother, ideal for tall teens. This offroad junior quad bike with fully automatic 2-stroke can rev and go in reverse. It can also be quickly restricted to walking speed. This quad is great for teens getting into quad biking and also includes enclosed footwells for the rider’s safety.


If you are looking for a durable, stable, and reliable quad bike for beginners, this quad bike is one of the best options because it has no complicated controls, making the ride easy and enjoyable. This brilliant ATV will help you gain some confidence as you’re trying to learn the ropes of quad biking. For example, it allows you to steadily increase the top speed, helping you continuously improve until you gain more experience in riding.

Pro Shark 100S

Quadzilla Pro Shark 100S is an ultimate ATV with a reworked high torque exhaust and powder-coated lightweight steel rims. It delivers excellent performance and comes with superb styling and design. 


Its astounding features and quality build makes it a great value at this price. However, it is not suitable for beginners, its oversized design means it’s better suited for larger riders with a bit more experience. 


Bull 110

Our entry performance Raging Bull 110 packed with exciting features is ideal for children (supervised) from 10 years and upwards. This ATV has unique branding the classic Stomp Racing, based in the UK. From safety to performance and durability, this Bull 110 is carefully built and designed to offer a great experience without breaking the bank. 


The Raging Bull 110 comes with an electric start with adjustable throttle restrictor and safety cut-out lanyard, making it fully automatic. It has a quiet exhaust system and electrics with quality construction that can cope with regular power washing. The Bull 110 can also easily out ride any other ATV in its class due to its fully independent double-wishbone front suspension.

Quadzilla SPIDER 110

With Quadzilla Spider 110, riding is a fun and easy ride for new learners, juniors and teens. It’s also ideal for adults with experience in riding quad bikes. It has a taller seat height than the R100; therefore, taller teens can comfortably ride this junior off-road ATV. This is a great way to get value for money, the ATV is durable and stable making it a great way to invest in your first quad bike 


Young riders aren’t the only ones hooked with this quadzilla, but parents love it too. From its fully enclosed footwells that protect the rider’s feet to its reinforced frame with durable steel braided brake lines, superb styling design and comfortable rider ergonomics – it’s ideal for both off-roading and new learners.