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KAYO Raging Bull 110

The Raging Bull 110 is our entry performance ATV aimed at children (supervised) from 10 years and upwards. From the manufacturers of Stomp Pit Bikes and with significant design input from Stomp Racing in the UK, you can rest assured the Raging Bull 110 has been carefully considered with safety, performance, durability and ultimately fun. 

The Raging Bull 110 features an electric start and is fully automatic with adjustable throttle restrictor & safety cut-out lanyard. One of the key features not to be missed is the fully independent double wishbone front suspension making this ATV stand out as the top performer in its class. The handling and stability really are second to none.

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Our Opinion


Kayo Raging Bull 110

Main Features

The powerful and versatile motor of this off-road racer makes the Bull 110 the stuff of a kid’s quad bike fantasy. Equipped with sleek plastics for aesthetic enhancements, its independent double wishbone front suspension is an additional twist that you shouldn’t miss. ATV riding is a fast-paced activity that requires excellent torque, engine strength, and flexibility, allowing you to get from Point A to Point B and to carry out tasks effortlessly. The Bull 101, along with its unique features and capability, proves why it is second to none in class.

Reduced Screen Time, Increased Bonding Time

  • If you are one of the millions of parents who just can’t seem to pry their kids away from their gadgets, then allow the Bull 101 to help you. Not only does outdoor time help you physically with the benefits of fresh air and sunshine, ATV rides can also relieve stress and provide you with those sought-after moments with the kids.

All-Weather Riding Conditions

  • Seasons change but ATVs are not just for paved trails. Step over and watch it effortlessly ride through the rain, over mud, snow, thick foliage, or rocky terrain.

Extreme Health Benefits

  • The adrenaline rush that riding an ATV provides can be compared to that of other extreme sports. It requires the rider to maintain proper balance, steer, and move around obstacles and exert strength during steep climbs, all benefitting him physically.

Although ATVs allow you and your friends to explore the most unfriendly landscapes, it does more than just provide you with an amazing afternoon joy ride. The Bull 110 may seem elementary but with power and pull that is as extreme as this, getting around and exploring new terrain is as good as mission accomplished.

Key Information:

  • Manufacturer – Kayo
  • Distro – Stomp Racing Ltd
  • Model – Raging Bull 110 ATV
  • Engine -4 stroke – YX110cc
  • Transmission – Automatic / reverse
  • Start – Electric
  • Front tyres – 16×8-7
  • Rear tyres – 16×8-7
  • Brakes – Twin front & single rear
  • Park Brake – Front
  • Front Suspension – Independent Twin Wishbone with adjustable camber
  • Lanyard – Fitted
  • Lights – Headlight & taillight
  • Wheel Base – 900 mm
  • Fuel Capacity – 2.1 litres
  • Dry Weight – 94.5 kg
  • SEAT HEIGHT – 615 mm
  • Decals – Poly-propolene with 3M decals
    The Raging Bull 110 ATV comes with a 6 months parts only warranty as standard.


  • Width from outside wheel to outside wheel – 90cm
  • Bottom of seat height – 61cm