KAYO Fox 70

Fox70 from Stomp Bikes is the smallest ATV for children six years old and upwards (supervised) you can get here in ATV Bikes. This junior quad bike boasts a spectacular sporty design input from Stomp Racing in the UK. 

It is carefully designed with safety in mind, and it offers excellent value for its cost. Though petite in size, Fox 70 can deliver fun driving experiences and conquer many adventures for your little one.


Kayo Fox 70 - Kids Quad Bike

  • Automatic gears – Young riders and beginners don’t have to shift the gears manually because it comes with a self-shifting transmission.
  • Simple maintenance –  With its tool-less removable seat feature that allows access to the air filter, upkeeping is made easy. 
  • The suspension – This allows young riders to enjoy an easy steering and a comfortable ride.
  • Durable and robust frame – It is designed to withstand punishment while maintaining lightweight.
  • Kayo Fox 70 is an automatic ATV designed with an adjustable throttle restrictor with safety cut-out lanyard and an electric start. Your young rider can surely enjoy every ride with no annoying loud noise because its exhaust system was designed to be quiet. Furthermore, its quality electrics can manage regular power washing, and it can be ridden regularly, making it a very functional junior ATV. It offers excellent value to its price and is incomparable with any generic Chinese rubbish from other online retailers. For only £749, you can now gift your child with a quad bike that offers good performance at an affordable price. This junior ATV is indeed a real deal.

    FEATURES of Kayo Fox 70

    The 70cc engine can help young riders six and up to build confidence and learn more quad bike riding skills. Its low-maintenance, air-cooled 70cc engine produces an easy to manage power delivery. Additionally, it’s also equipped with an electric starter to save your kid time and energy in starting the machine.

    Here are some of its additional feature that adds value to this quad:

    • Dual front headlights
    • Single rear tail/brake light
    • Safety flag mount
    • A 6-month limited warranty covers the Kayo Fox 70


    Kayo Fox 70 is available in white and black variation. Both colours give off a sporty look and modern style. Kayo Fox 70 in white has a white cover on the body with a little shade of grey, plus black steering, seat, tyre and footwells. 

    The black Kayo Fox 70, on the other hand, has everything in black from its steering, down to its body and engine cover, tyre, and footwells. But both colours have orange detailing which adds an edgy look to both variations. 

    REMINDERS: We highly recommend parents to look after their kids when using this quad bike, especially when their little one is still a beginner. We also urge parents to ensure that their child is wearing the correct safety clothing while riding to help prevent injury. It includes a crash helmet, eye protection, gloves and durable clothing like racing suits that can cover all parts of the body. Remember, your child safety must be our priority. 


  • Width from outside wheel to outside wheel – 77cm
  • Bottom of seat height – 60.5cm

Key Information:

  • Manufacturer – Kayo
  • Distro – Stomp Racing Ltd
  • Model – Fox 70 ATV
  • Engine – 4 stroke – HD70cc
  • Transmission – Automatic / no reverse
  • Start – Electric
  • Front tyres – 16×8-7
  • Rear tyres – 16×8-7
  • Brakes – Single rear brake
  • Park Brake – Rear
  • Front Suspension – Independent Single Wishbone with adjustable camber
  • Lanyard – Fitted
  • Lights – Headlight & taillight
  • Wheel Base – 770 mm
  • Fuel Capacity – 2.1 litres
  • Dry Weight – 72.5 kg
  • SEAT HEIGHT – 605 mm
  • Decals – Poly-propolene with 3M decals
  • Bars – Steel 7/8″
  • Rear suspension – 250mm adjustable
    The Fox 70 ATV comes with a 6 months parts only warranty as standard.