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The CFMOTO CFORCE 850XC is a brand new model introduced by CFMOTO. Not only does every bike come with CFMOTO's high-quality standards, but it also boasts several new features.

It has more power and torque than the previous X8, while rear trailing suspension allows for precise handling and steering while maintaining ultimate comfort. The electronic power steering, mechanical handbrake and LED lights add to the function, safety and appeal of the bike. The shocks have been upgraded for 11 inches of ground clearance. It also provides the latest tech and other desirable features. To truly experience this incredible bike, it must be seen and felt in person.


The CFMOTO CFORCE 850XC is one of the newest models released from the premier ATV company, CFMOTO. This comprehensive bike features a brand new powerful engine,  upgraded shocks, improved ground clearance, multifunction dash, power steering, and so much more. First and foremost, this bike is made with perfection in mind. CFMOTO provides the highest quality standards for all of their ATV's and UTV's. The bike comes in three different colours, including grey, orange and real timber camo. The rear trailing suspension ensures a comfortable and safe ride. The unmatched handling and grip of the bike allow for more tyre contact. The bike has 7.9-inch suspension travel, making it the premier choice for drivers. The upgraded shocks allow for up to 11 inches of ground clearance. The shocks have been upgraded to adjustable shocks for this model.


In addition to all of these fantastic features on the CFORCE 850XC, this bike also provides the latest tech features. This combines dual USB ports, upgraded multifunctional dash and a convenient 12v socket. All of these features come standard with this model; no need to pay extra for added benefits. With power steering, rear tow bar, front winch, 7-pin trailer socket and all-around bright LED lights, the CFORCE 850XC is unbeatable.


The braking system has been completely upgraded on this bike to provide quality handling and a tighter turning circle. The mechanical handbrake offers an extra layer of security and protection, as well as the lockable gear lever. A revamped gear shift handle are added for additional function and ease.

The beauty of the CFORCE 850XC must be experienced. Only until you see and feel one of these bikes will you truly know how amazing they are. From smooth handling to added protection and power, this bike is the ultimate ride for enthusiastic drivers. ATV Bikes has the largest and most diverse selection of UTV's, ATV's and Quads. ATV Bikes specializes in high-quality, customer satisfaction and premier performance.

Colour: Blue