The CFORCE 600 EPS is a middleweight, two-seater ATV with plenty of features and a fierce look that perfectly suits the beast inside. That beast comes in the form of a powerful engine that is capable of producing as much as 41 hp. That power is transported to the hefty twenty-five-inch tyres through a CVT gearbox, which means silky smooth acceleration. Both front and rear differentials are lockable at the press of a button, making it simple to get extra traction when you need it and avoid tearing up the terrain when you don’t.

The 600 EPS sports an extended wheelbase to accommodate that extra seat, which also comes with a backrest for the added comfort and safety of your passenger. Up-front you will find a powerful electric winch, while around the back you have a tow hitch and seven-pin connector, always an essential for an ATV that may be used for farm work.


All prices include VAT. Road Registration Fee £190.

When it comes to middleweight all-terrain vehicles with additional features, you’d be hard-pressed to do better than the CFORCE 600 EPS. This ATV rests on top of an extended wheelbase, which provides the necessary length to fit a second seat comfortably. Your passenger won’t be riding second class, either. With plenty of room and a backrest to keep them securely in place, the 600 EPS is one of the more spacious two-seater ATVs.

Inside you will find a 600cc engine with plenty of punch. This engine is capable of putting out up to 41hp, which is effortlessly transferred to the wheels via a state of the art continuously variable transmission. This means you will barely notice a gear change, if it at all, and your acceleration will be smooth all the way. Going back to those wheels, they are 12-inch alloys in a stylish matt black colour, surrounded by 25-inch CST tyres that are ready for any terrain. You can easily switch between two-wheel and four-wheel drive, making it a great ATV for use on the road without sacrificing that all-important off-road ability.

The front of the 600 EPS sports a high-power electrical winch—ideal for getting you or a friend out of one of those unfortunate offroad situations that are all too common. At the back, there is a tow hitch and seven-pin connector, so you can put that power to good use with your trailers or horseboxes or anything else you need to haul around.
Moving on to the finer touches, purchasing a CFORCE 600 EPS will also get you USB and DC power outlets—so you’ll never be caught short while you’re out on your ATV—as well as LED running lights, ensuring darkness is never an issue.
The appearance of the 600 EPS is appropriately mean-looking, like a wild animal—the angular lines of the front practically snarl at you, hinting at the power behind it. The trim of the 600 is available in a range of colours, each one as stylish as the next. If you’re in the market for a two-seater ATV, the CFORCE 600 EPS is hard to beat.